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Protected trees

General Tree Protections

Any tree measuring 6 ½ inches diameter measured 4 ½ from ground level, or any multi-stemmed tree with the sum of the circumferences measuring 40 inches or larger, measured 4 ½ from ground level, or any significant grouping of trees, (groves of four or more trees) that is located on any of the properties specified below:

  1. Any developed property within any commercial, professional office or industrial district.

  2. Any undeveloped property within any district or private property that can be subdivided.

  3. Any area designated on the general plan for recreational purposes or open space.

  4. Any area designated in the county general plan open space element as visually significant riparian or ridge line vegetation and where the tree is adjacent to or part of a riparian foothill woodland or oak savanna area. (Ords. 94-59, 94-22)

For permit application information contact the Community Development, 925-335-1381.

Native and Indigenous Tree List 

Any tree part of a stand of four or more trees and is 6.5 inches in diameters measured 4 ½ from ground level and is included in the following list of indigenous trees is protected.

  1. Arroyo Willow

  2. Bigleaf Maple

  3. Black Cottonwood

  4. Blue Oak

  5. Box Elder

  6. California Bay or Laurel

  7. California Black Oak

  8. California Black Walnut

  9. California Buckeye

  10. California Juniper

  11. California Sycamore

  12. Canyon Live Oak

  13. Coast Live Oak

  14. Coast Red Elderberry

  15. Coast Redwood

  16. Digger Pine

  17. Fremont Cottonwood

  18. Interior Live Oak

  19. Knobcone Pine

  20. Madrone

  21. Tanoak or Tanbark Oak

  22. Toyon

  23. Valley Oak

  24. White Alder

  25. Yellow Willow


Registered heritage trees, trees that provide land stability, are of a protected species or size, or provide visual screening/and or privacy are subject to tree removal permits. 


Some factors used to determine tree removal approval include hazardous situations, number of trees on a property, damage to existing structures, and reasonable development. Prior to removing any tree on your property, you are advised to contact the Planning Division at (925) 674-7205 to verify your tree does not require a removal permit.

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