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Pest & Disease Management

When a growing environment changes, imbalances are often created that cause trees to become stressed. Harmful insects and pathogens are attracted to trees under stress. Some pathogens and insects accelerate tree decline and without proper treatment early tree mortality results. There are many possible causes of tree imbalances in your landscape. An arborist with a trained eye and investigative expertise has the ability to recognize and treat plant health problems.

Phloem feeding insects such as aphids, scale, and whitefly are commonly found on the underside of leaves of many trees and shrubs. Healthy trees are able to withstand small populations of these insects without major negative impacts. Signs of infestation are leaves curled inward and oftentimes a black colored fungus called sooty mold builds on the leaf surfaces. A common problem occurs when the honeydew emitted from these insects attracts ants and bees and drips onto cars or driveways located beneath the canopies of infested trees. The sticky substance sometimes attaches to bottoms of shoes and is tracked into homes and businesses.

We offer multiple application methods including trunk injections, soil applications and foliar sprays with products that specifically target diseases and pathogens identified by the arborist. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate!

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