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As an arborist, it is strongly advised not to dump wood chips in the following areas, even if instructed to do so by the property owner: ​ Placing them in a manner that obstructs a neighbor's driveway. Blocking access to a vehicle parked in a driveway, unless explicit permission has been granted by the homeowner. Dumping them on a narrow or busy road in such a way that the chips spill beyond the hypothetical position of a parked truck in the same location. Disposing of wood chips around the base of a tree or on clearly visible landscaped areas. Depositing them near or on any property or structure that may sustain damage due to the weight of the wood chip load.

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 Delivery Service 

Here are some guidelines to prepare for a Wood Chip delivery, ensuring smooth and accurate placement of the wood chips:

1. The drop site should be easily accessible to the crew without requiring any prior phone call notification. If you need advance notice, this service may not be suitable for you.

2. Ensure that the drop site is sufficiently spacious, with a minimum width of 8 feet and a length of 15 feet, allowing the truck to maneuver comfortably. Keep in mind that the chips will spread out on all sides, so it's essential to relocate or protect any fragile plants, pots, yard art, garden gnomes, etc., that could be covered.

3. Verify that there are no parked cars occupying the designated drop site during the day.

4. Avoid selecting drop sites along busy streets with a speed limit exceeding 25 mph, as they are not ideal locations for chip delivery. 5. Check for any low overhead lines or tree branches that could interfere with the raising of the drop box. The box can be raised to a considerable height, approximately 20 feet. 6. Leave a visible marker at the desired drop location. This could be a tarp, a cone, or even a six-pack of beer. 7. Include a backup drop site in your instructions in case the crew is unable to drop the chips at your primary choice. For instance, you can specify an alternative location like "If unable to drop in the driveway, please drop them on the side of the road in front of the house." ​ By following these recommendations, you can ensure a successful and accurate placement of the wood chips during the Wood Chip delivery. ​ What's the Wood Chip Load will likely contain: A typical load contains about 50% wood chips and 50% green, leafy material or pine needles. About 5% of the load is often unchipped brush, small sticks, and maybe a few scoops of dirt, gravel or trash. ​ Contact us to request "Cleaner Chips" from tree removal operations.  ​ There may be a small quantity of material that the chipper cannot accept due to various reasons. To maintain the feasibility of this service, it is normal to find a small amount of miscellaneous debris mixed within each load. Simply dispose of this debris by placing it in your refuse bin. ​ ​ ​


How long will it take for the delivery to arrive? Once you submit a request, you have the potential to receive a delivery on the same day. Generally, delivery times range from 1 to 5 weeks. Longer waiting periods may occur during the winter season or for locations with lower population densities. Additionally, dump locations outside the normal service areas  may have extended wait times. If you are willing to pay for a delivery, it can enhance your chances of receiving one sooner. In the event that you haven't received wood chips after 25 days, we will send you an email to confirm if you still wish to remain on the waiting list. ​ ​ Is it possible to receive a smaller quantity of wood chips? Unfortunately, no. The requirement is to accept the entire truckload, which can 4 to 20 yards in volume. ​ Why is there mold and steam coming from the delivered chips? Are they old? When wood chips are stored in a large pile, they undergo a natural process of heating up and decomposing. As a result, mushroom mycelium begins to grow on the wood chips, breaking them down. This growth may manifest as white or green mold appearing on the wood chips. Additionally, when the pile is disturbed, there might be a powdery substance floating in the air. These are normal occurrences for wood chips and actually contribute to the health of your soil and garden. However, it is important to note that inhaling this dust can be detrimental to your health. To mitigate the risk, we recommend wearing a dust mask while spreading wood chip mulch to minimize inhalation of excessive dust. ​ If you have asthma, any breathing related medical issue, or any known allergies to wood or plant material, you should not spread wood chips in your yard. Please have someone spread the wood chips for you. After the chips are spread, wait about 2-ish weeks before you walk on them.

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