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Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Professional tree pruning helps trees live longer, promotes healthier growth, maintains the shape, strength and seasonal characteristics of the trees, and enhances the natural beauty of the landscape that gives the property its unique character. BridgeWood uses recommended tree trimming practices wherever possible to allow natural growth to heal the wounds and reduce pest intrusion and decay.

BridgeWood Offers the Following Tree Pruning Services:

  1. Crown raising to allow clearance for vehicles and pedestrians to pass by safely, and clear visibility obstructions from buildings and signs 

  2. Crown cleaning to remove dead, broken, severely diseased or loose branches 

  3. Crown thinning to allow more air movement and decrease the weight strain on the tree 

  4. View enhancement pruning by selectively removing or pruning certain branches so that your view is no longer obstructed 

BridgeWood coordinates the pruning job, the client knows what to expect, how long job will take, and when BridgeWood staff will be on site. Regular maintenance such as crown thinning or reduction, branch pruning, and young tree pruning are scheduled at a convenient time and with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. Whether the pruning is intended to enhance the property's appearance, or increase visibility of buildings or signage or bring out the natural beauty of the property, tree pruning is a job best done by professional arborists.


Tree pruning is an important factor in the health and growth of trees. A tree that is allowed to grow, without regular pruning, could eventually become unhealthy or even create a safety risk or could have a harmful effect on the health of the other nearby trees. 

BridgeWood can help. A Professional Arborist will come out and inspect the trees, determine what type of pruning is needed to maintain and improve the health, appearance, and safety of the trees.

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