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City of Walnut Creek 

Protected trees

If you are removing any tree (dead or alive) within the City limits you will need to get a tree removal permit.  You can apply to remove up to 4 trees per permit.  Learn more about tree care

When a tree removal permit is not needed

  • Trees less than 9 inches in diameter when measured 4.5 feet above the ground are exempt and can be removed without a permit

  • Because a tree drops leaves or needles is not considered a valid reason for removal


In case of an urgent need to remove a tree, please call public works (925) 943-5854.


Fill Out the Permit Application 


Submit an $85 Fee


City arborist visit

Before approval, the City arborist will visit the site to evaluate the trees. They will evaluate the trees for the following to verify the tree qualifies for removal:

  • Disease

  • Species

  • Form

  • Health

  • Structure

  • Public nuisance

  • Danger of falling

  • Proximity to existing structures

  • Utility interference

  • Sidewalk or driveway damage

  • Acts as a vector host (insects)

  • Impact to other trees on site

Permit issued

Once your application is approved, Engineering staff will send your permit by email.

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