Arborist Consultations
BridgeWood certified arborists are available to offer free estimates for tree care services. 

Additionally BridgeWood offers tree consultations. Consultations can cover such topics as tree value appraisals, tree inventories, decay detection and measurement, hazard assessments, budget planning, acquiring construction permits, expert testimony, and preparing scopes of work for tree services.

Planting New Trees
We plants new trees and makes sure the tree is planted in an ideal cultural space, and is a proper species to thrive in its surrounding environment.

Tree Cabling
Sometimes trees grow with co-dominant stems and are in danger of splitting apart. In some of these situations, it can be beneficial to install a cable between the two stems to help prevent them from splitting apart. It is important to note, however that the time to do this is before there is a failure of one of the stems (before it splits apart). Although a cable can be installed after the stems split apart, by that time it is too late to keep the tree in good health as it will not heal from being split and will eventually cause more problems. Cabling is not a fix-all as the growth form of some trees is such that no amount of cabling will keep the tree together. Cables should be inspected and replaced periodically.

Plant Health Care (PHC)
The goal of Plant Health Care is to obtain and sustain a growing environment that results in healthier plants and better aesthetics using a pro-active and holistic approach to managing tree and shrub health.

Plant Health Care offers Integrated Fertilization, Pest Management (IPM) and disease management. Site process begins with a thorough site assessment, both above and below ground. A site inventory is taken locating and identifying each tree and shrub current health status and environmental conditions. Sources of tree and plant stress are identified and changes if required are recommended as part of a treatment plan.

Proper plant selection, site placement, and plant cultural compatibility issues are taken into account during the assessment phase. Where conflicts exist, the Plant Health Care professional will offer options for improvements.

Timely Plant Health Care treatment visits and record keeping, improve the growing environment to either reverse decline, or to maintain good tree health and vigor.

Pest and Disease Management
When a growing environment changes, imbalances are often created that cause trees to become stressed. Harmful insects and pathogens are attracted to trees under stress. Some pathogens and insects accelerate tree decline and without proper treatment early tree mortality results. There are many possible causes of tree imbalances in your landscape. An arborist with a trained eye and investigative expertise has the ability recognize and treat plant health problems.

Phloem feeding insects such as aphids, scale, and whitefly are commonly found on the underside of leaves of many trees and shrubs. Healthy trees are able to withstand small populations of these insects without major negative impacts. Signs of infestation are leaves curled inward and oftentimes a black colored fungus called sooty mold builds on the leaf surfaces. A common problem occurs when the honeydew emitted from these insects attracts ants and bees and drips onto cars or driveways located beneath the canopies of infested trees. The sticky substance sometimes attaches to bottoms of shoes and is tracked into homes and businesses.

We offer multiple application methods including trunk injections, soil applications and foliar sprays with products that specifically target diseases and pathogens identified by the arborist. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate!

Arborist Reports
We offer a variety of specialized reports, from standard Arborist Reports (for permitting) to Cost Appraisals and Hazardous Evaluations. A custom multi year maintenance plan of action, including costs, can be provided for properties that include a large number of trees.

Permitting and Cost Appraisals
Arborist reports are often required for permitting new construction around existing trees. These reports are a thorough evaluation of your trees which provide valuable information for plans to be built.

If a tree had been removed from your property and you needed to identify an appropriate compensation amount, we can offer a cost appraisal using industry standards.

Hazardous Evaluations
There are three things to look for when evaluating the potential hazard of a tree:
          1. The size of a part that might fail
          2. The potential for its failure
          3. The target it could fail on

Evaluations are assessed using a number scale from 3-12. The numbers indicate how high the risks are if any. Once risks are identified, our Arborists can identify corrective actions.

  • Holiday Light Installation Services
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning and Maintenance
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Services
  • Arborist Reports
  • Permitting and Cost Appraisals
  • Hazardous Evaluations
  • Multi Year Tree Planning
  • Wood Chips


  • Arborist Consultations
  • Planting New Trees
  • Tree Climbing
  • Plant Health Care (PHC)
  • Pest and Disease Management


Multi Year Tree Planning
An inventory is one of the most valuable tools you can have when budgeting and planning tree maintenance. Certain species of trees cost more money to maintain than others, this report identifies how much each species is costing and what trees are more cost effective.

We can map and catalogue all the trees on a property and create a management plan tailored to each specific tree for pruning and insect and disease control. Defining a long term tree plan enables you to manage a property that maximizes beauty and minimizes cost.

Wood Chips
BridgeWood has wood chips. Call or email for current availability or arrange for chips to be delivered. 

Holiday Light Installation Service
BridgeWood provides holiday light installation service for commercial and HOA properties.

If you are interested in getting a quote for our holiday light installation service, please contact us at (925) 464.1624 Ext. 0. Please make sure to contact us ahead of time so any installation materials can be ready for the project start date.

Tree Removal
Sometimes tree removal is unavoidable, over time tree health is compromised due to a tree’s age, stability, available space to grow, disease and pests. BridgeWood arborists take many considerations into account when analyzing tree removals, including limiting the risk of liability to people and property. 

BridgeWood has the equipment, experience and skills to safely and efficiently remove trees. We are also fully insured and our employees are covered under Worker's Compensation. Removal is recommended when the tree is:

  • Dead or in decline
  • Considered irreparably hazardous
  • To be removed for new construction
  • Crowding or causing harm to other trees
  • Causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning.
  • Causing damage to the surrounding landscape, building, or pavement

Tree Pruning and Maintenance
Professional Tree pruning helps trees live longer, promotes healthier growth, maintains the shape, strength and seasonal characteristics of the trees, and enhances the natural beauty of the landscape that gives the property its unique character. BridgeWood uses recommended tree trimming practices wherever possible to allow natural growth to heal the wounds and reduce pest intrusion and decay.

BridgeWood Offers the Following Tree Pruning Services:

  1.  Crown raising to allow clearance for vehicles and pedestrians to pass by safely, and clear visibility obstructions from buildings and signs 
  2. Crown cleaning to remove dead, broken, severely diseased or loose branches 
  3. Crown thinning to allow more air movement and decrease the weight strain on the tree 
  4. View enhancement pruning by selectively removing or pruning certain branches so that your view is no longer obstructed 

BridgeWood coordinates the pruning job, the client knows what to expect, how long job will take, and when BridgeWood staff will be on site. Regular maintenance such as crown thinning or reduction, branch pruning, and young tree pruning are scheduled at a convenient time and with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. Whether the pruning is intended to enhance the property’s appearance, or increase visibility of buildings or signage or bring out the natural beauty of the property, tree pruning is a job best done by professional arborists. 

Tree pruning is an important factor in the health and growth of trees. A tree that is allowed to grow, without regular pruning, could eventually become unhealthy or even create a safety risk or could have a harmful effect on the health of the other nearby trees. 

BridgeWood can help. A Professional Arborists will come out and inspect the trees, determine what type of pruning is needed to maintain and improve the health, appearance, and safety of the trees.

Stump Grinding
Once a tree removal tree is completed, BridgeWood can provide a stump grinding service. Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump that is still in the ground with minimal disruption of the surrounding area.  A stump grinding machine will turn a stump into a pile of mulch using a carbide tipped cutter wheel.   

These machines grind the stump down approximately 6 - 8 inches below grade, and are able to grind visible surface roots as well. Normally the chips are left in the remaining hole and the excess wood chip material is either used as mulch in surrounding landscape or removed.

Emergency Services
When the unexpected happens, BridgeWood can help. We respond rapidly to tree emergencies. Our knowledgeable staff will promptly appear on site and provide a professional emergency effort assessment and discuss work needed with the insurance company if necessary. 

If you are experiencing a tree related emergency, please call us right away at (925) 464-1624.